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What We Do

Karatcoin tokenizes Gold Certificates.

Why Karatcoin?

Earn Fixed Revenue

Not allocated Gold Certificates are your safe investment. Any Certificate gives you 2 half-yearly coupons up to 6%.

Store Physical Gold

You can safely store Physical Gold asset in vault and keep it as Gold Certificates in your wallet on the Karatcoin blockchain.

Use as Cryptocurrency

You can easily Mint and Recast your Gold in the Karatcoin Blockchain and use it as Tokens to validate blocks or buy Gold again.


Built on the Blockchain

Direct. Fast. Safe.

Our vision is to create a people-powered new economy decentralized financial services ensuring both in stability investments and aggressive investments linked to market fluctuations and fueling the collateral needed for future projects and at the same time create an ecosystem for developers to utilize Karatcoin tokens as a framework for various Ðapp developments, thus accelerating adoption of blockchain technology.

For more details, please check out our Whitepaper:

Karatcoin is a project developed for

Real Gold Mines

KARATCOIN is searching gold mines to be financed primarily, but not limited to, in these territories:

  • PERU’
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • Mali


We leverage the Distributed Ledger for its durability,
clarity and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.

It relies on engage in users to the network by confirming transactions utilising the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism and our PoA (Proof of Asset) protocol. This ‘chain’ of informations are transparently stored chronologically on every computer.

Karatcoin web app
Communicate straight to the blockchain within the web

Our Awesome Dapp

User Friendly

Our web app will be extremely easy to use, you'll buy gold as never before.

Fast Execution

We developed our app inside the Karatcoin Blockchain on top of EOS. (10 secs. for block validation).


We use the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available.

Anonymous Access

Everything is public but there are no personal credentials, only hash numbers as key reference.


Key points to achieve success


The idea arose from the collaborative research conducted both in the commodities sector, from which the founders specialized in, and the emerging market of cryptocurrencies


A detailed research on the cryptocurrency market and the gold trade through different financial frameworks, audience research, competitor analysis, as well as marketing research. Commence research and prototype of the Blockchain and related smart-contracts


Presale programmed with a 30% bonus of the token value. The money collected during this step will be used mainly for the initial development of the platform, as well as the marketing necessary for the success of the Initial Coin Offering

ICO | Q2 2018

Karatcoin will launch a public ICO to distribute KCD (Karatcoin DAO) with a bonus that starts at 16%.


Start development of the processes necessary for the platform. C++ developing on top of EOS technology. Start design and develop a completely decentralized marketplace


Karatcoin Foundation will conduct analyses, studies, research and economic impact assessments of initiatives in the field of social economy, at the national as well as international level, aimed at developing public planning that is increasingly socially effective and at qualifying business activities in order to create social and ethical value.


Issuance Of 1° Block of Gold Certificates The first tranche of Gold Certificates is issued with interest at a fixed rate of 5% to 6% for the duration of 1 to 5 years with semi-annual coupons. Issuance Of 1° Block of KCG (Karatcoin Gold Tokens) Allocated into Gold Cards Wallet


A new section of the DAPP is opened to integrate the gold mines that will be financed. This section will be useful to all KCX owners in order to view the details on the progress of the work, funding that has been given, as well as the interest accumulated


Excited to Develop new Technologies

Simone Orso

Founder & CEO

Simone is a top full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience working in a variety of projects.
Prior to founding Dreammy™ an incubator of web projects, Simone worked (2009-2012) as a Management Consultant at Sungold Srl. He is specializing in front-end, WordPress, Blockchain technology, PHP, and JavaScript frameworks with more than six years of professional experience spanning from the IT sector to digital advertising. He is passionate about applying top-end solutions and software engineering patterns in order to solve complex problems. Simone has strong communication skills and knows how to thrive both in small, agile teams as well as in large, compartmentalized corporations.

Claudia Busato

Founder & COO

Business consultant with a Bocconi master's degree in marketing and communication.
Since 2014 co-founder of Dreammy™ that mainly deals with developing new technologies and services applied to the Internet.
Since June 2017 co-founder and creator of Karatcoin™ virtual currency linked to physical gold active in the Blockchain.
The main activities and skills are direct communication and negotiation with customers interested in commercial deals, business relationships with financial institutions, investigation of business opportunities, talent scouting and start-ups. Active mainly in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.


Glauco Verdoia

Lead Financial Advisor

57 years old, with sound leading experience in medium size companies in Europe and abroad (China, South East Asia, Australia, France, Ukraine, Italy), and some entrepreneurial experience, fluent in English and with good understanding with French and Spanish, mastering and focusing on financial restructuring, harmonization of Bank Relations, management of External Relations, scouting and screening, implementation of development projects, special / structured finance and company strategy, internationalization.

Sales Management

Andrea Venturoni

Commodities Director

After graduating in administrative economics studies, he worked as director of human resources and professional training at the SME Confederation.
Since 1994 he has held the position of manager at important Italian banks, and major international insurance companies. He specialized in investments in commodities and especially in investment gold.
His main skills are: experts in commodities, management of financial portfolios for both companies and individuals, diversification of customer assets with physical gold shares to optimize portfolios.

Roberto Sanni

Sales Manager

Roberto has worked for over 30 years in the Departments of large insurance groups, in roles of increasing responsibility, gaining significant experience especially in the Life Division through the coordination of all distribution networks, both insurance and bank insurance.
Since he has been a Business Consultant, dealing mainly with the "diversification of savings", preferentially dealing with institutional subjects, Banks, Foundations, Pension Funds with whom he builds "taylor-made" investment products.


Daniele Galli


Political activity began in 1991 and is among the constituents of the “Lega Nord” in Eastern Piedmont.
In May of 1995 he was elected to the Regional Council of Piedmont and re-elected in 2000.
In 2001 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the college no. 16 of Piedmont in the XIV Legislature and reconfirmed in 2006 and 2008.

President of "ASSO-CONSUM" for Piedmont, national association for the defense of consumers.
President of "CPE" based in Milan, "Citizens for Europe" association for the moral, civil, social and economic growth of the European citizen.
President of "Comunità Italia" based in Rome, association for citizen participation in political / social and economic decision-making processes.

Software Development

Franco Cattapan
CTO & Principal C++ Engineer

Franco is a 25 years experienced C++ solution engineer, specialized on R&D and startups for Technology creation and Algorithms for industry and science.
He participated and leaded European Research Projects for 15 years in collaboration with the some of the most prestigious Universities and Research Centers in Europe.

Sarat Gingupalli
Cyber Security Engineer

Sarat is a Cryptographer, done masters in Information Security. Cryptography, Algorithms and Graph theory are his major areas of interest. He majorly worked in network & cloud security during his time with Samsung and Amazon.

Oliver Eklund
Software Engineer

Oliver is a software engineer who loves problem solving. Self motivated, organized, self-starter who can handle a project from conception right through to execution. He has a deep interest in technology so turning to a career in software development was a natural choice.

Nika Tomadze
React Developer

Front end Developer / UX Designer, I have working experience with various teams of designers, front end and back end developers. I’m eager to learn new things, develop skills and grow together with my team members.

Vikas Magar
Blockchain Developer

Vikas is a software engineering generalist currently specializing in Blockchain. He also has extensive experience in Web Technologies specifically React-Redux framework and Angular.

Dennis Liu
Jr. Blockchain Developer

Really appassionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, he is proficient in: Solidity, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS.

Francesco Valentino
Blockchain Consultant

Software engineering generalist currently specializing in Node. Throughout his studies, has developed projects with wide range using .NET for Web and Desktop.

Johnbosco Ohia
Blockchain Developer Intern

A full stack web developer with two years experience building progressive web applications with javascript (Node JS) and python.

Alessandro Busato
Javascript Developer

As a JavaScript Developer he is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. He works with specific responsibilities that affect the implementation of visual elements and their behavior with user interactions.

Andrew Simpson
Jr. React Developer

Andrew is a self-motivated, creative developer who has six years of experience in mobile apps and websites. He has touched many areas of technology from mobile apps, to UI/UX design, to machine learning and more.

Pierre Aramin
Frontend Developer

He has developed fully functional responsive prototypes to ensure cross-browser compatibility based on Business Requirements using HTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.

Marketing & Communications

Giada Orsini
Marketing Manager

Over six years' experience in marketing and sales. Have led marketing teams and have helped build marketing departments for several companies. Business experience includes export, logistics, multi-national marketing, information management and research. Good written and communication in English, and in Italian. Full knowledge of international business practices and localization to US markets.

Michael Shawn Kirby

Shawn is a Digital Branding and Marketing Manager e who has ghost written several eBooks, as well as having edited countless articles, short stories, books, and websites for different clients. He was also a Fulbright Scholar, Peace Corps Volunteer, and he also worked for a foreign policy think tank in Washington D.C. called the Center for Strategic for International Studies.

Tinashe Nyatanga
Social Media Marketer

Editor at Guerilla Hollywood, he was part of projects that have amassed over 100 million views on Youtube. He also created a Facebook Page last April called “Blockchain Enthusiasts – The Next Frontier” which has now amassed over 12,000 members from around the world and continues to grow.

Experienced and Enthusiastic Team

Blockchain 100%
100% Complete
Solidity 40%
70% Complete
React JS 90%
90% Complete
Serverless 70%
90% Complete

Design. Develop. Deploy.

Karatcoin has an experienced and enthusiastic team of who are ready to make this project a reality. The Karatcoin team brings together a unique collection of experts across cryptocurrency, distributed computing systems, mobile technology, and broad scale consumer app development that has built multiple award-winning applications.